Johanna and her love

Hello all my lovely readers.

I am sorry that I have been gone for so long but I have literally been so busy that it has been impossible for me to sit down and write. But I can give you this treat, a painting that I did for an old classmate that she gave to her fiancee for christmas. They were both so happy and it was an absolute pleasure to paint it!


Love is in the air

Here is the finished painting and I must say myself that the result is stunning. I almost did not want to send it to her and keep it myself haha! Do you love it as much as I do? =)

Sofia och kille



Painting process

I was contacted by a woman that was asking if I could paint her a picture of her and her boyfriend, which I was very excited to do and here is some parts of my creative process. She sent me some photos to use as inspiration and then I combined them to one image. I was so happy to get to do this painting and she was delighted with the result too! I will show you the finished piece within a couple of days.


Sketch 2



Brummies =)

I did a commissioned piece about a month ago. A friend wanted a watercolor painting of her and her three brummies (from Birmingham) sisters to give away as a gift to one of the sisters that got married. She wanted each sister to be represented by one colour and this was the result. The other sisters received the same motif but all sisters in the colour that represented them so one is green, one is blue, one is red and one is yellow. They all loved the result and that is why painting and doing commission is so much fun, putting a smile on someone else’s face =)

Which one is your favorite? Mine is changing from day to day.

If you have a photo and would like to have a watercolour version of that. Just contact me and we will se what we can arrange together!


This one is about A3 size

Sisters Colours


These four are around A4 size

Sisters Blue

Sisters Green
Sisters Red
Sisters Yellow

Learning something new

So trying to learn Inkscape and it is not going so well. I’m currently studying this course called Vector Graphics and so far it has been fun and challenging but now it is getting really difficult. Coming from a novis Illustrator background, the transition between the programs were more difficult than I thought at first. It is something with Inkscape that just makes me confused. I don’t mind playing with photographs like below and getting all these kind of results with the trace bitmap tool but now I am expected to freehand draw from the picture in the software and it feels impossible. I do not know what approach I should have when I draw and I can not find all the settings that I usually use when working in Illustrator. #CONFUSED


deer oh deer

Siamese fighting fish

Did this painting for my friend in August I think. She loved it and so did I!

Using aquarelle colours on the type of motif suits really well and I think it reflects the vibrancy and the movement of the fish. I actually do not know if the fish naturally has these colours but my friend chose them and she did good. What do you think?


Siamese fighting fish




Metal mum

Illustration for a text about parents rebelling like teenagers aka not listening to their children, playing too loud music in their headphones and thinking that nothing in the world can tell them what to or not to do.


Metal one

Beach girls

This is one of my personal favorite drawings. Two gorgeous girls hitting the beach on a sunny day =)

I do not exactly how many aqaurelle paintings that I have done this summer but it never gets boring. It is so peaceful to sit down and focus and first and foremost play, because painting is playing. Every time I sit down with my brush and my paint I get this inner calm and no worries in the world can effect me. Please, if you have never ever tried creating art, just try because I am sure that you will love it!


Beach girls

Alfie and Jack

My friend once did me a huge favor a couple of years ago when I was in a very vulnerable situation. Ever since I have wanted to give her something back. When she asked me about a month ago to make her a drawing of something swedish, I decided to create this painting too as a little surprise. She absolutely loved it and I am happy that I could do something for her.

This is her two beautiful little boys, Alfie and Jack =)  I hope they liked the painting as much as their mum did. One day I will come to visit you again!